How To Get Rid Of Your Stupid Annoying Parents

Teenagers these days have one huge problem: Parents.
They can’t do whatever they want to, they can’t stay out until the next morning, they can’t even pay their own bills.
Luckily, there are some things teens can do to get rid of those monster of care.

  1. Move out.
    Yep, you read it right – that’s one of the best possibilities.
  2. Move your parents out.
    This even sounds better.

Let’s get a close look at the suggestions above.

1. Run!
There might be some difficulties but if you really want your parents to stop bothering you you are able to deal with it.
So when your parents are sleeping you just pack your things and then quietly leave the house.

And you’re free.

Now, you finally can do whatever you want to. That’s for sure.
Come home early? Oh, you don’t have to come home at all! You can make friends with anyone you want to, like that one guy lying on the pavement, and you can drink and do drugs and no one will care!

Well, your parents might call the police – just another sign of how they are such a pain in the ass. As someone with parents like this develops a will of iron, I bet nothing can stop you. You can try and hide somewhere or just leave town in time.

Not to forget, you don’t have to go to school anymore or clean your room because you don’t have one anymore, obviously.

2. Dude, 86 your parents, they suck.
Best time to do that is when your parents aren’t at home. Take their stuff and leave it on the front porch – except there are useful things which you can keep.    Also, make sure, you’ve taken away their keys otherwise it might get really awkward. In this case, come up with something original like “Ha ha it was just a joke. You know, I’d never do that.” or/and run (as already mentioned). 

Now you can throw parties and leave the mess, cook for yourself and pay for water, electricity and you will be surprised what else for.

Important to mention is that you need to get a job, but working is so much better than school, isn’t it?

You’re a teenager and you will never know everything as much as you do right now.  So act as long as you don’t have your own children whose only wish is to get rid of you – ungrateful beasts.