The Boy Taken For Granted

Few years ago I loved someone who didn’t love me back. There was also this boy who liked me but I took his affection for granted because oh well, he had always liked me and I was used to it. He made me feel good but he was nothing special.

After wasting years on that other boy I fell for another guy. He was sweet  and seemed to be perfect for me, I wanted him. There was still this boy who liked me and I still took him for granted. One day he asked me out but I only cared about that guy who I thought was perfect and who eventually broke my heart.

I was alone and cried myself into sleep and that boy who liked me started to text me making me feel like I wasn’t all by myself. Meanwhile he understood his role in my life. He was the boy I didn’t appreciate enough.

My heart hadn’t quite healed from the last heartbreak, that’s why I got involved with someone else. A good looking guy who in the end only wanted my body, not my heart.

After being hurt that often I realized that there might be only one person who wouldn’t hurt me, someone whom I could trust. And that was the boy who liked me. That was about the time when I found out that it wasn’t the proper name for him anymore because he became the boy who had found someone new.